Remove or Relocate-What Should You Do With Your Tree?

Know when to call the emergency tree removal pros in Vero Beach, Melbourne or Lakewood Park, FL

Maybe a storm uprooted your tree or disease has all but killed it. When it's too dangerous to leave your tree be, call Scott Tree Services for emergency tree removal. We assist Vero Beach, Melbourne & Lakewood Park, FL area residents with tree emergencies day and night.

Our tree care professionals are highly trained and well-qualified to cut down your tree. We'll provide you with insurance documentation, including photos, to support your claim.

Contact us now so we can send our emergency tree removal team to your location.

Should you transplant your tree?

Moving a tree to a better location is possible, depending on a number of factors. As part of our tree transplanting service, our certified arborist can assess...

  • The size of the tree and its root system
  • The condition of the soil around your tree
  • The amount of sunlight and water your tree is getting

Your tree's health is our top priority. Contact us today to schedule tree transplanting service in the Vero Beach, Melbourne or Lakewood Park, FL area.