How to Cultivate Beautiful Trees
in the Vero Beach, Melbourne or Lakewood Park, FL Area

Rely on the pros for tree planting services

Tree planting isn't as simple as dropping a sapling into a hole. You can't cultivate mature trees without careful planning and routine tree care.

The team at Scott Tree Services in Vero Beach, Melbourne & Lakewood Park, FL works closely with clients like you to achieve their goals. We consider many factors before planting a tree, like...

  • Overhead power lines, root restrictions and other obstructions
  • Soil drainage, depth, pH level and texture
  • Suitable species for the climate
  • Light and wind exposure
  • Canopy space

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What is pruning, and why is it important?

Tree pruning involves shaping and thinning the canopy of mature trees to provide clearance for new growth. Routine pruning can...

  • Reduce safety hazards due to dead, dying or defective limbs
  • Allow sunlight to reach plants underneath the canopy
  • Keep your trees from looking overgrown
  • Help maintain your property value
  • Strengthen your tree

Our qualified team in Vero Beach, Melbourne & Lakewood Park, FL can enhance your landscaping with ornamental shrub, hedge or tree pruning. Request a free estimate today.