Are You Allowed to Trim Your Mangroves?

When in doubt, call our mangrove trimming specialist in Vero Beach, Melbourne or Lakewood Park, FL

Mangroves filter out pollutants, protect coastlines from strong winds and cling to soil, which is why they're so important to the ecosystem. In Florida, only certified arborists can trim and prune mangroves over 10' tall. Scott Tree Services is qualified to provide mangrove trimming and pruning service to homeowners in the Vero Beach, Melbourne & Lakewood Park, FL area.

Rest assured that our certified arborist knows what he's doing. Contact us today to schedule mangrove trimming service.

We prune mangroves to enhance their growth

Are your mangroves looking sickly or dropping deadwood? Scheduling routine mangrove pruning service can help...

  • Combat decay and unwanted growth
  • Protect your trees against storm damage
  • Reduce the risk of injury due to falling limbs

When it comes to mangrove pruning service, we're the pros in Vero Beach, Melbourne & Lakewood Park, FL. Hire us today to prune your mangroves.