Oak Tree Specialist

Talk to our certified arborist about your oak tree issue.

Tree Planting & Pruning

Learn why tree planting and pruning are so important.

Mangrove Pruning

Mangrove trimming is a job best left to a certified arborist.

Tree Removals & Transplants

We can assist you day or night with emergency tree removal.

We're Not Your Average Tree Company in Vero Beach & Lakewood Park, FL

3 reasons why you should hire our certified arborist

Searching for a local tree company? The team at Scott Tree Services is available year-round to assess your landscape and provide eco-friendly tree care. Our owner is a certified arborist who is qualified to care for protected trees.

You should always hire a certified arborist to...

Trim mangroves and oak trees in the Vero Beach & Lakewood Park, FL area
Prune delicate fruit or ornamental trees
Plant and transplant trees

Our arborist maintains his certification, which must be renewed every two years. Contact us today to schedule the tree service you need.

Scheduling routine tree service can help...

  • Boost your curb appeal
  • Encourage healthy tree growth
  • Eliminate safety hazards due to damaged or dying limbs
When was the last time you hired the pros? Call 772-569-3874 or 772-473-7150 now to make an appointment.

Over 40 years of experience

Bill Barry, the owner of Scott Tree Services, has been caring for trees since 1976. He takes pride in running a reputable local tree company in Vero Beach & Lakewood Park, FL. You can count on him and his team to respond quickly to your tree emergency.

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